tsk tsk

tsk tsk
tsk tsk UK [ˌtəsk ˈtəsk] US interjection old-fashioned
used for showing that you do not approve of something
Thesaurus: communicative soundshyponym

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[tisk tisk] 1.
exclam. expressing disapproval or annoyance

you of all people, Goldie-tsk, tsk

v. (tsk-tsk) [intrans.] make such an exclamation
1940s: imitative

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/a clicking sound, often read as ˈtıskˌtısk/ interj
— used to show disapproval often in a humorous way

Tsk tsk! Who left the cap off the toothpaste?

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tsk tsk 7 [ˌtəsk ˈtəsk] [ˌtəsk ˈtəsk] exclamation
used in writing to represent the sound you make with your tongue when you disapprove of something

So you were out drinking again last night were you? Tsk tsk!

Word Origin:
[tsk tsk] 1940s: imitative.

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